Oct 2018

I had received the good news that a film I produced back in my final year at University has now been selected and will be screened in November 2018 as part of the Birmingham Film Festival!

It was a graft getting that film together with my director Kamilah, luckily we had an amazing team. Better yet, we had even more amazing communication. As a producer I knew my roles very well, but it was also important that I had communicated across to the team what their roles were and what the requirements were. My director and I had then sat together and drafted up requirements including areas of study in which we would like the crew to gain knowledge on (from what style we are going to shoot, what camera we’re using to sources of inspiration) so that when it comes to practice shoots we have solid ideas to base the practice off of.

Preparation like this is so overlooked in simple things like music videos, I would like to work in a way where there is room to prepare just as how we prepared the crew.

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