Film Fundamentals workshop

November has approached quick and there’s 2 months left of the year!

There’s plenty of people out there who are already ahead of the ‘New year new me’ curve and are already planning what they want to improve about themselves, and then there are people like you and me who are on that virtuous grind all year round.

It is for those like you and I that this workshop is for, those who search for information and want to turn it into practical knowledge to use out in the real world.  There’s been many a times where I went to go and listen to a guest speaker here, an industry specialist there and had gotten the same information. Walking out with an empty notepad and  pissed. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places?

This is why I want to give you and 9 others a one hour workshop on the pre-production in film and video, free of charge. We will also have a discussion at the end too so your voices are heard. If you are someone who needs guidance on executing a solid pre production game plan then click the link below and RSVP.

Venue- Playspace, Impact Hub Birmingham B5 5NR

See you there.

–  Ravi –

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