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Fighting has been present since the dawn of time, it’s what civilisations have been doing since forever, but only in recent years the art of fighting has drastically improved. Nowadays fighters have the important job to entertain.

However it’s not talked about often in the mainstream media what sacrifices and efforts athletes and fighters have to make to be the best, which begs the question, who is going to know what work goes on behind the scenes way before they make the walk to the cage/ring?

What goes on outside the Cage/Ring?

Watch the video below in which I catch up with Fabian Edwards after his Bellator Birmingham victory.

The episode I shot with Fabian after his win at Bellator Birmingham will forever serve as a remembrance of his growing legacy in and outside of his MMA career.

What I offer

In this day it’s not uncommon for fighters wanting to build profile, whether this is to gain sponsorships, promote the next fight or appeal to a larger audience.

With the fighter VLOG series; I take time out to build a deeper connection with fighters to better understand how they want to express themselves to their audience.

The moments that are missed during training, outside of training, pre-fight and post-fight can now be captured and shown to the world, providing invaluable entertainment to the fan base and access to the fighter.

I also offer the above services to brand sponsors and management groups for fighters.

Why I want to work with fighters

As my journey into filmmaking continues, I want to work more with fighters. From experience, fighters are underrated, I capture the essence of their personalities and encapsulate the passion for fighting into film/video format.

If you’re in the fight business and want high quality video to help boost your profile, fill the form below and let’s work!

Follow this link and complete the form, I will then get back to you and we can then work on a proposal.