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Tech N9ne – ANGEL BABY


Here is how I would work on the project for Tech N9ne if I was to work on it.

Controlling idea- protection from death- positive/ negative

If you listen closely to the song there is a noise that is used as a layer underneath the track during the intro which gives off a creepy tone to the piece, the first thing that came to mind was ‘is this an angel?’

As the song goes on the ‘creepy‘ voice fades and in the last chorus it cannot be heard, this is the basis of the visual journey I’m about to take you on.

Inspiration– David Lynch-style film making (devices such as doppelgängers, dream sequences, highways to travel in between plot points).

Location– Dark mirrored room like in Us (2019), outdoor school location, industrial factory interior.


The basis of the song is to express the divine entities surrounding humans that protect them from the dangers of the mortal world, but travels through time to paint a picture of the most vulnerable times in the artists life.

Young boy, 8 is waiting outside school and see’s his doppelgänger across the road waiting for the bus. His doppelgänger hears gunshots and freezes whilst a wild bullet almost catches him.

Time freezes and we travel to the child now as a grown up in a manual labour factory with all the assembly lines empty but still active- this is to signify the eternal work and suffering humans have to endure. He is aware of his surroundings but travelling through the location he stumbles upon his doppelgänger from when he was a child, who is all beat up- he resembles the damage inflicted from all the run ins with death- the wild bullet, run over by a truck and suffering a car crash.

The death incarnate begins to stalk him around the factory, until a divine being- lady who brings the sunlight to the factory from her being until the light is over bearing.

Time unfreezes back to the school child waiting outside the bus stop ducking and running from the gun fire a distance away.

The intention of the synopsis was to reflect the gun violence that some communities have to endure as well as a reflection of the songs intention. The dream sequences symbolise the times from which humans have escaped death and the realisation of mortality, but that there is always hope and divinity.