Videography Services

Whether you are looking to position your business as the best solution your customers need, utilise honest customer testimonials to promote a product/ service, or are looking to present your audience with ‘masterclass’ style video, my team and I have you covered.

Click the images below to take a look at some of my work.

Being based in Dudley, UK- it’s super convenient to be able to get to the North and the South easily as well as everywhere in between.

Stephen Hall, Hall Image Photography

From when I spoke to Ravi about the client project to the final delivery the communication was great. He has a great eye for detail and a quick turnaround time. He understood what the client was needing and delivered. I look forward to working with him again in future.

Sue Zrinzo, Paragon Europe

I gladly write this letter of recommendation for Ravi Kumar and his accomplishments as a Filmmaker Intern for Paragon Europe. As the Marketing Manager, I had the distinct pleasure of working with and overseeing Ravi’s progress for the eight weeks he interned at our organisation. 

Ravi quickly understood the brief and type of video required by Paragon Europe. He asked the right questions and requested the correct equipment to make a wholly professional video. Even though at the time Ravi was still studying film technique, he proficiently handled the equipment and confidently chose angles, guided interviewees and shot the appropriate footage. 

Ravi’s editing also left nothing to be desired, he carefully selected the right music to match a shot or scene and the tempo of the video followed the music’s rhythm. I also had the pleasure to view some of Ravi’s independent work, which is where one gets to see a filmmakers’ true colours as in this instance, Ravi had no brief to follow but was free to express himself in his work. This independent work was even more creative and original which shows his true passion for the film creation process.

I find Ravi to be very talented, creative and ambitious and I would therefore enthusiastically recommend him for a position within a production team. I and am confident he will be a valuable asset to any organisation.